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What puts the Solutions in OME9A Solutions.

We plan, design, and implement proven wired and wireless networks from the access layer to the core. Let our staff work with you to understand and deploy a purpose built network that fits your budget and needs.


We can implement a virtual infrastructure that will allow you to take better advantage of your current hardware which will lead to easier backups and instant service recovery.


We can spin up both on premises or cloud services that will ease the overhead administration of your services and applications as well as provide managed services for your IT needs. We can help with deploying your Microsoft or Linux based systems and build-out an environment that meets your business needs.

About OME9A Solutions

Learn what makes us unique.
We love data networking.. seriously.

From wired and wireless networking, to virtualization, to systems deployments (both on premises and in the cloud), we cover everything under the technology umbrella to get your network up and running fast. From best practices to recommended design solutions, we implement the right networks to meet your budget while doing it in a way that will provide the availability you demand.

OME9A Solutions is a small team of seasoned industry technology veterans that have worked for fortune 100 companies, the Department of Defense, as well as small and mid-sized business around the globe. Each team member has over 16 years of professional IT experience with the education and certifications to back it up.

  • Network Engineering

    Our Cisco certified staff have been building computer networks for over a decade. We pride ourselves on staying up with the latest networking technologies in order to provide you the best possible network. We focus on tailoring your network to your needs, from the cabling infrastructure, to the engineering logic we program your network with. We believe in keeping our skill-sets sharp and incorporating proven industry best-practices in this ever changing career field. Rest assured, our staff's collective industry experience and knowledge base have proven time and time again that your network is in the best possible hands. With each and every consultation we encourage our clients and customers to provide comments and feedback that often make its way to our website, as a testimony to our expertise and professionalism.

  • Cloud

    Our staff has worked extensively with both MS Windows and Debian based Linux distributions and have rolled out various services based on Ubuntu Server. We have years of experience administering Windows and Linux based systems both on premises and in the cloud.

  • Virtualization

    Our staff are VMware Certified Professionals pro's with real-world industry experience deploying both small and large vSphere environments.

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